UserVoice – An Overview

We are now using UserVoice to gather ideas for feature development, rather than the traditional forum. The reason for this is simply that it is much more effective for combining multiple ideas.

The idea is delightfully straightforward: when you submit something, it tells you what else it thinks is similar and already exists. If you agree it is a similar idea, you can then vote the existing one up and add your own thoughts/perspectives to it.

As you will no doubt immediately recognise, this makes it very good at creating one place for an improvement suggestion, and then evolving and prioritising it.

GTDInbox on UserVoice

Let’s Be More Interesting…

The risk/problem with UserVoice is that we end with very fragmented requests, “do X”, “do Y”, etc.; rather than “I use it like A and want to achieve B”.

So, I’d like to use the blog right now to do precisely that.

The real question is, “What do you use GTDInbox to achieve, and what would you like email to do better?

If it helps, I will kick it off with my own thoughts. I use it for workflow and shortcuts. So, it structures my email largely to ensure I do not forget things – I’m always 99% confident I will follow up on an email I turned into a task. The shortcuts fall into two categories: I like direct things like ‘Preview’ and the Labelling Box, and more general benefits (that arise from multiple features), like being able to retrieve files and other information faster from a contact.
What I want it to start doing is get better at helping me organise my inbox (so I can spend less time with email – lazy email, if you will), and provide more shortcuts that connect my email to additional information/resources on the Web, and vice-versa.

I look forward to your comments!


This was written by Andy Mitchell