Okay, such is the size of this update not even I’m sure I can remember everything that is in it!

Let’s start with the more mundane. Thanks to several of you (notably Bliss and Nick), GTDInbox is now better at self diagnosis, and will give a variety of error messages to tell you if it’s misbehaving. It’s also no longer case sensitive on default status labels (e.g. it would not formerly recognise S/action is the same as S/Action – now it does).

It now has a Welcome message for new users, information help on the Settings/Labels page, and is better at informing you about what is happening on the blog.

Ok, let’s step this up! You can now create labels from the dropdown labels menu in the Labelling Box – i.e. create labels by type within a conversation.

Multiple Inboxes? We now have better support. It’s not perfect (because Multiple Inboxes themselves are a hack, so we are limited), but you can Preview messages in Multiple Inboxes, and use the popup to change labels.

Remember those magnifying glasses and trash icons with all the keyboard combinations? We felt them a little inelegant, so they were pruned. The trash icon is gone, as are the messy keyboard actions. Instead, there is just the magnifying glass, with an automatic popup menu that lets you do other stuff (like Action/Delete/Spam) more quickly.

Pete spent ages sweating the details on the interface design, making big usability strides in the Labelling Box and sidebar and well as less noticeable bits and pieces.

What else what else… ah yes, I nearly forgot my favourite! LOTS of you have been saying the Labelling Box is too fat for its own good. It needed a diet. Well, we decided to go experimental instead and gave it some clothes that disguised its figure 😉 Now, only the Status line is shown; and there is a big + button in the top left. If you mouse over, the rest of the label links are shown (and disappear when you move your mouse away); and if you click the + button, it shows the labels permanently. There may well be a better approach – it’s not finished yet – but we hope this is a good first step.

Get it from http://www.gtdinbox.com/3/

PS I’d love to draw your attention to our previous post on how you use GTDInbox (and what you want) -> http://productivefirefox.com/2009/07/13/introducing-gtdinbox-on-uservoice/


This was written by Andy Mitchell