As this is another update of a “million little bits”, I’ll spare you the tedious details and just focus on the big changes ๐Ÿ™‚

Clearly we didn’t go far enough with space minimisation (is that a word?) last time, and so the big + button on the Labelling Box – which I loved btw ๐Ÿ˜‰ – has gone. It has been replaced by moving the dropdown boxes into a single row (those dropdown boxes now also need less clicks to make them disappear). Eran Kutner deserves the thanks for suggesting it! I suspect we’ve still not pleased everyone with this, and I hope in a future release to restore the style of inline labels that GTDInbox 2 once had. On the back of recent blog comments, I also made it possible to minimise individual parts of the Sidebar to reduce space.

It turns out it’s much more complicated than I anticipated to make the Popup resizable, so that has been pushed back for a future release. In the meantime, I took a best guess and reduced its height but increased its width.

Okay, this is where it gets potentially funky… bear with me! In the Popup, I removed the header that allowed filtering of Next Actions, Actions, Personal, etc. While it had a purpose, it was not intuitive and it took up valuable space. There are plans afoot to bring similar functionality back, but with a (hopefully!) better interface.

On the sidebar, the way the links worked have been refined (several people asked for this) – the main link now opens in Gmail and includes only active emails. The ‘popout’ icon now opens the Popup. This is also more consistent with Gmail.

In response to Bill in the last blog comments, the ability to have multiple statuses at once is now an option. And in response to Jack Nelson on UserVoice with a very neat point, in the Popup, if you preview a thread and then click Back, it remembers where you were in the list of emails. And thanks to Glen Norris, a major bug with the Options screen was fixed. And before I forget – the Esc key now closes the Popup (about time!).

Oh and Pete deserves a big thanks too – my changes were starting to make it look a bit, well, rubbish – and Pete managed to draw his craftman’s eye over it before this release.

As per usual, get it from (and refresh the page if you don’t see A12).

More to come next week… including a new website and maybe even a public release!


This was written by Andy Mitchell