We hit a pretty big milestone tonight – we’ve finally sync’d the website (check out http://www.gtdinbox.com) and Mozilla Addons.

This comes with a huge personal sigh of relief, as it painful knowing Mozilla Addons (which is how most people are introduced to GTDInbox) was desperately out of date. Hopefully this puts us on a great track for smoother updates in the future.

This update is pretty boring – in a good way – as it’s just bug fixes. Thanks hugely to Glen Norris, Peyton Stafford, Mickey Clements and Mark Cranmer for their assistance in identifying and closing bugs. The principle change is we’re now a lot more sophisticated about the Offline Mode. It’s not solved, but it does at least now recognise when it’s in Unstable Mode and rather than crashing, automatically disables itself (and reenables when you leave Unstable Mode).

Okay, if you like how we’re progressing, it would be a huge favour to me if you could give us a great (5 star?!) review on Mozilla Addons. As 2.x fell out of date, people got upset and started leaving bad reviews – which has a longterm effect on our reputation. The website is https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3209/ 🙂

The new version can be retrieved right now: http://www.gtdinbox.com/gettingstarted.htm

It’s back to exciting feature development in the next release!

PS If you’re wondering where A13 went… well… Peyton needed an interim version to help diagnose a bug, giving me a great excuse not to have to release the Mozilla milestone as Number 13. Phew 😉


This was written by Andy Mitchell