Right, deep apology time. I changed something truly minor in Alpha 14, so small I didn’t even test it (quite simply, a ” instead of a “”); and it completely broke Alpha 14 for fresh installs. The worst part is, for any other Alpha, that would be fine (as the Alphas don’t pick up many new users) – EXCEPT this was the first version that was sent to Mozilla Addons for automatic distribution 😀 My stomach is only just starting to unknot…

Right, this is tested for new users, old users, Firefox and Flock; and I’m as confident as I can be with the Alphas that it will at least install okay.

Just in case it does not fix itself, try removing the preferences to force a reset. This includes,
1) Close all Gmail tabs
2) Open about:config (and agree to the warning)
3) Search for ‘extensions.gtdinbox’ items
4) Right click each one, and select ‘Reset’
5) Restart Firefox
6) Open Gmail again
7) Restore any Options you had

And finally, the proper update news for this release is back in http://blog.gtdinbox.com/2009/07/29/gtdinbox-3-0-alpha-14-now-on-mozilla/

As usual, install right now by going to http://www.gtdinbox.com/gettingstarted.htm (and click Refresh if it still shows Alpha 14).

PS Thanks to Alex Gold for helping me discover this – it’s prompted 2 crazy hours of bug fixing; but without Alex this would have gone unnoticed a lot longer!


This was written by Andy Mitchell