Just wanted to acknowledge the fact there hasn’t been an update for a while… we’ve hit a bit of a plateau with features/methodology so we’re taking a step back to re-evaluate what we’re doing.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too dramatic. Just simple questions like how well do the features we have solve problems, what problems exist that we are overlooking, what are the different ways of processing the inbox – that kind of stuff.

We’re also very keen to kick start the Pro version as some fresh revenue would allow us to go a lot faster, so how we can do that is also part of the whirling collection of ideas and plans.

I’m hoping that we’ll be back in progress this week, Pete & I are set to sit down tonight and collate all our thoughts into an action plan. I will keep you posted!

PS I just realised my last WordPress (blog) update ruined the blog’s design – sigh, will get it back 🙂

PPS I’m seeing all your emails/comments/UserVoice-requests, and it’s all being noted! Just a little behind in getting back to you :/


This was written by Andy Mitchell