Alpha 20! I’m not sure that’s a milestone to be proud of 🙂

This was a big bug fixing effort. Some problems with internationalisation, several problems for new users (+ some new niceties for them too), problems if you actually achieved inbox zero (that was a particular ironic delight!), the Force Above Chat checkbox that didn’t work on Windows and a few smaller issues for good measure.

I condensed the ‘Quick Views’ and ‘Label Categories’ into a single pane, ‘Reviews’. I was never happy with the use of Statuses in the Label Categories as it did not make sense alongside a bulb. Hopefully you’ll find the new layout much more elegant, as well as flexible.

Finally, we’re not done yet – I think there will be another release this week. I wanted to get this out as fast as possible though, because the bugs were frankly tiresome for everyone 🙂


This was written by Andy Mitchell