In two weeks we will start a major new round of feature development. As we begin developing each feature, it will be blogged about and discussed at length to ensure it is right for your needs.

However, before we even start, it would be wonderful to get a good understanding of how you use GTDInbox.

With a clear idea of your ultimate goals that you want GTDInbox to help you with, we can hopefully create the right features first time. (Which would be wonderful – it means you get things faster and we don’t waste precious resources on the wrong thing!).

What is the main benefit you want GTDInbox to give you?

I’m expecting some diverse answers! And it’s okay – straight forward or bizarre, it’ll be great to know.

Update #1
As mentioned in a comment below, I’ve got a 2nd question for everyone using Gmail for general GTD: What is it that makes Gmail so desirable for task management?


This was written by Andy Mitchell