You can download GTDInbox 3.0 A22 now. (Or if you can wait, it will be automatically distributed by Firefox over the next week).

Usability / Prettiness Updates

We concentrated on the labels boxes – both the sidebar popouts (e.g. Projects/Contexts) and the dropdown selectors when viewing conversations. The aim was to make it easier to apply labels and browse the nested hierarchy – which we did by making it more ‘solid’ in feel, easier on the eyes, and fixes several irritating glitches (like the dropdown hiding before you finished labeling) .

Following the first of the good blog discussions, we’ve changed the Popup Browser to use real statuses in the tabs (instead of inflexible predefined tabs, like To Do/Waiting On/Some Day).

Bug Fixing

We got through a lot!

With particular thanks to Vassili Novikov, Dieter Pfieffer, Jason Wohlstadter, Luciano and everyone else who pinged us about issues they were having… well, we’ve cleaned up so much it would be very boring if I listed them all! Some of the bigger things included a few remaining internationalisation issues, several disruptive loading bugs and many glitches that affected overall email enjoyment.

Saving mention of Michael Bond until last – he deserves particularly high praise for helping us overcome a serious problem! There’s a big change in Gmail (one of the ones that majorily disrupts GTDInbox), and it was starting to affect users – but it hadn’t yet reached any of my accounts…. so there was no way for me to fix it. Michael took a big leap of trust and granted me temporary access to his account, so the bugs could be cleared up, and as a consequence hopefully no one else will suffer any downtime now. Thanks Michael!

The Website

There is a new Support page up, as well as a big overhaul to the website at large. It will continue to be refined as we better define where GTDInbox is headed.

Coming Next

We seriously need to start work on the Pro version as we’re very keen to expand the team and accelerate development. More on that next week.

I’ve also started looking at Google Chrome… and here’s the great news – it looks like a port will be possible. (For a while, because of a few technical difficulties, it was seriously in doubt – this is a huge relief).

Finally, we’ll just be pressing on and refining the features to make them more useable/functional. There are things we would have liked to put into A22, but just couldn’t fit in before the deadline. They’ll be coming shortly!


This was written by Andy Mitchell