This may seem like a slightly odd discussion, but it’s been going around internally for months now. We need to bring it to a close and move on.

We need a new name for GTDInbox*. And we’d greatly appreciate your help in finding it!

Why the name change?
As we grow we risk outstaying our welcome with GTDInbox. Specially, the ‘GTD’ part – as much as the David Allen Co have been wonderful for letting us use it so long, we’re on thin ice trademark wise. Our name could be taken away from us at anytime**, and as such it’s one of those uncertainties that keeps us awake at night – the sooner we can get this sorted, the sooner we can bound forward with confidence.

Narrowing the naming choices

Above all else, it must feel good to say and read. (‘GTDInbox’ isn’t actually a very warm name, although it’s likable enough). Something we can all be proud of.

Ideally it would be aspirational, or at least represent/suggest what it can do for you. A good way of doing this is to identify a problem (email overload, out of control email, forgetting email, no help dealing with email tasks) and have a name that quickly describes a fix.

There are no constraints on it being descriptive, imagery-based, or plain weird. Almost any name can be made to work with the right tagline and descriptive text, although misleading descriptive names are an obvious no no. If the name is descriptive, it ought to include reference to ’email’ as that’s what makes it special.

The imagery the name should conjure up

Master your email environment to catch the opportunities, complete tasks or pass them on to others to be completed. Have the power and control to take advantage of things that come through your inbox each day.

Become a better communicator and earn the appreciation of your peers. Get more done to get ahead. And simplify your life so you can achieve more.

We’ve been looking at email all wrong. It’s not a traditional letter exchange format for simple communication. It’s a flow of tasks that directly influence how we work and how we connect with people. The product is a transformative/perspective change: emails are not letters, emails are tasks.

Our Internal Shortlist

It’s a mix of descriptive and distinctive.

The front runners:

> TaskMail

> TaskInbox

> Porus

Others in consideration:

> Taskify

> MailWorks

> MailTasks

> Kuleana

Your thoughts?

We have really struggled with names because we’re very deep focused into the product. The old “can’t see the wood for the trees” problem. We really need a fresh perspective.

If you’d like to help us,
1) Of the proposed names, what works for you? What would you enjoy using? What do you really dislike? Do you prefer descriptive or distinctive names?
2) This is more challenging, but what name would you give it? (If anyone comes up with a great name we can use, you’ll get free Pro for life – that’s how much we appreciate the help!)

* The name change does not represent a move away from our GTD foundations. GTD is and will be the core.
** Anyone who’s been with us for a very very long time will remember we were originally called GTDGmail, until Google lawyers got involved 🙂


This was written by Andy Mitchell