In response to the Gmail changes earlier today we’ve released a quick patch.

I’ve uploaded it to Mozilla, so it should automatically update Firefox – but that could take a few days.

You can manually get it right now from

This is a very fast fix, so there aren’t any new refinements. If we’ve overlooked anything else that’s critical, I’ll dig into it first thing in the morning (it’s gone 1am here!).

Finally, if you follow Twitter / GTDInbox you’ll be privvy to these fixes and updates as soon as they happen – it’s our ‘recommended’ place to listen 🙂

Michael Bond has reported that this didn’t fix the problem for him; so perhaps the issue is a little deeper than I expected (I’ve just double checked all my test accounts and they are fixed). If problems remain, I’ll jump straight on them first thing in the morning.


This was written by Andy Mitchell