Hi guys,

Thanks to KevinB, Jason Bartlett and Duane Aliah we’re tracked the problem with the missing sidebar down to a conflict with the ‘hide chat’ feature in Better Gmail and Minimalist Gmail – this is the main fix in Alpha 25!

And thanks in no small part to Susan Penter we tracked down several other bugs: the task (Status) counts in the sidebar were not staying accurate, sometimes the Status buttons didn’t work as expected and a nameless rare error was affecting some of you (I won’t bore you with the details!). All now fixed.

So a little explanation is in order as to why we slipped behind with getting these issues fixed. Especially in contrast to our long run of development throughout 2009. As you might have guessed from the earlier question about rebranding, we’ve been doing a lot of work to put us on the right path to solve as many problems with email as possible. This has included trying to understand the needs of different users, how to explain ourselves to new users better, what features will be built – and what will be free and what is premium, and trying to secure a little investment to drive us forward.

One of the big problems (an admittedly nice problem!) is that there is simply so much we can do with email, that deciding what features really matter – and within those, which are really high priority – is no easy matter. We have a good feel about where we’re going now, and I’m returning to active feature development as of, well, three days ago 🙂

More to come soon, meanwhile, GTDInbox 3.0 Alpha 25 can be installed from http://www.gtdinbox.com/gettingstarted.htm (and will be delivered via Mozilla Addons automatically in the coming days).

(If any problems continue to affect you – or you discover news ones – please comment below or email me. I’ll be right on top of them now).


This was written by Andy Mitchell