This is our longest post in a while, but we have great news! If you’re short of time, I suggest you jump straight to How Do I Get GTDInbox Plus Beta. Also, Peyton & I will be on hand to answer your comments below – we look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks, Andy

What is GTDInbox Plus Beta and Why Are We Launching It?

After over three years of development and community building, we are launching GTDInbox Plus Beta. This enhanced version includes several new features to speed up your work. We will be adding more features every month during the coming year. We anticipate keeping the beta designation at least through March of 2010. 

One of our goals has always been to put GTDInbox onto a solid financial basis so that it will be self-supporting and so we can continue development. We have reached the point at which GTDInbox requires the work of additional engineers, workflow experts and others beyond our core team. As we add more sophisticated features, we need more help developing and maintaining them so that they will work dependably in FireFox as well as in Chrome. GTDInbox Plus Beta will be our first paid product, and it will provide the income we need to create a truly amazing product.

What about Chrome?

Along with launching GTDInbox Plus Beta, we are working on bringing GTDInbox to Google Chrome. Expect to hear more about this over the next few weeks. Once we launch the Chrome port, you will be able to use GTDInbox Free and GTDInbox Plus Beta on Chrome as well as on FireFox. We are looking at other browsers and email systems, as well. In the long term, we want to make our approach to email available to everyone, regardless of the specific email system, client or browser they are using.

How Do I Get GTDInbox Plus Beta?

We are rolling out GTDInbox Plus Beta in stages to reduce the possibility of server overload and to maintain our high level of customer support during the upgrade. We will give priority to people who have been supporting GTDInbox with donations. They can expect to receive invitations from us via the PayPal email address they used to donate. Everyone else who is interested in purchasing GTDInbox Plus Beta can add themselves to to the GTDInbox Plus Beta Waiting List right now.

We will be sending out invites to purchase a discounted GTDInbox Plus Beta by email to previous donators and people on the waiting list over the coming weeks, on a first come, first serve basis.

What’s New in GTDInbox Plus Beta? What Will It Do for Me?

GTDInbox Plus immediately adds three new features, greater support, and priority access to all updates.

Those features include:

  • Reply to Self — add private notes to conversations quickly
  • Expanded Archive Button –archive, mark as spam, delete and move to next (or back), plus more, with one click.
  • “Send and” — easily change a conversation’s status (and/or mark it End Of Message) when you send a reply
And the future…

We plan to add another new feature – just for GTDInbox Plus users – every two weeks. Here is our current list. Please let us know at GTDInbox UserVoice if you have other feature requests, and what you think our priorities should be.

Some things we have planned include:

  • Great control with deadlines for emails and calendar integration
  • Automation with simple macros, smart labeling and keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved relationships with contact management
  • Understand your email habits with performance stats
  • Enhance Gmail with social networks integration
  • And more…

Our overall goal is to make email manageable and you a master of the tasks and responsibilities flowing by as you communicate with your colleagues, partners and customers.

Using the excellent feedback from thousands of our users combined with the new revenue stream, GTDInbox Plus Beta marks the beginning of a rapid advance in feature development. The result will be faster, more efficient email for all of us.

Want to try it as soon as possible? Join the GTDInbox Plus Beta Waiting List!


This was written by Andy Mitchell