If you’re curious about the new and enhanced features we’ve added in the first release of GTDInbox Plus Beta, take a look at the GTDInbox Plus Beta Release 1 Feature Tour we released on our YouTube account!

The features include:

  • Expanded Archive Button –archive, mark as spam, delete and move to next (or back), plus more, with one click.
  • Reply to Self — add private notes to conversations and send yourself tasks quickly (it’s back and better than before)
  • Send and… button — easily change a conversation’s status (and/or mark it End Of Message) when you send a reply
  • Enhanced magnifying glass for one-click email processing
  • Collapsible labeling box to increase screen space
  • Improved community messaging
  • Enhanced Review Box with enduring popout and popup for faster reviewing
  • Plus account access button
  • Revised Preferences (formerly Options)
  • Semi-automatic error reporting system

Early reports from beta testers tell us they love the features. The enhanced Archive button and the Send and … button in particular speed up email processing and correspondence. The first beta release was unpolished, and we are preparing an update at the moment, but the concepts are sound so it’s just a matter of working out a few minor software glitches.

If you want to sign up for the beta release, here’s a link to the beta release sign-up page.

We also published a video guide to installing GTDInbox Free. If you want to refer a friend and get them started on GTDInbox, then this video can help.

We are planning on a series of  “how to” videos giving more detailed looks at various features, as well as at the overall GTDInbox proactive email workflow. We will announce these in future blog posts.

Enjoy the videos, and let us know what you think. We’re always open to feedback!

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This was written by Andy Mitchell