Several GTDInbox users have not been able to get GTDInbox 3.0.11 to run even after uninstalling and reinstalling it several times. The following procedure may fix the problem in the short run. Long run, we need to rewrite some of our code so that it plays better with Vista and 7. Hope to do that, next week. Meanwhile, this procedure may get you up and running for your Monday morning work.
Basically, this will make Firefox forget your old GTDInbox settings. GTDInbox should install correctly afterwards. You may still get some error messages, but if the problem has been these old settings, then GTDInbox will work. If you use custom status labels, you will need to update your preferences, again, in the Preferences box, after completing this procedure.
You must follow these steps in order, and you must not make any other changes once you go past the warning.
1. Uninstall GTDInbox.

2. Restart Firefox.

3. Move your cursor to the address bar and type about:config

It will look like this.

4. Press Enter.

5. You will get a big warning screen. Ignore the warning and go ahead.

6. Type gtdi in the filter box. This will show you only information about GTDInbox.

Right click on the line that reads extensions.gtdinbox.account_prefs.

A menu will appear.

Choose Reset and click on it. DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE!

This will make your browser forget whatever preferences it has been remembering for GTDInbox.

Here’s a picture.

7. Close Firefox.

8. Open Firefox.

9. Reinstall GTDInbox. It may work normally. If not, then you will not have done any harm.


This was written by Andy Mitchell