We are happy with the reception GTDInbox Plus Beta has been getting. Most GTDInbox people have been able to upgrade and use the new version without any serious problems (though we appreciate it when they send in their error reports — those reports are guiding us as we prepare the next release).

We just sent emails to another 80 GTDInbox users, inviting them to upgrade to GTDInbox Plus Beta. If all goes well, we will send another 80 invitations, tomorrow. If you haven’t already registered for the upgrade waiting list, please follow this link to the waiting list page. If you don’t know what the upgrade is about, please take a look at the feature tour on YouTube so you can get a glimpse of the powerful new tools we have added in this first release.

Several people have asked about the Chrome port. Just to reassure everyone, it is still scheduled for release before the end of this month. With luck, it will be sooner.


This was written by Andy Mitchell