GTDInbox 3.0.13 builds on the bug fixing work of 3.0.12 by:

* Fix additional loading issues we’ve discovered, especially for new/upgrading users
* Stop the ‘Labeling Box’ being added many times to a conversation (thanks Michael L!)
* Ensure magnifying glass and labeling box correctly added when you click a normal Gmail label (thanks Jorg!)

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Assuming no high priority problems arise, for our next release, we’re planning to address:
* Stop the harmless-but-irritating warnings shown when you view the new Buzz
* Make the red Warning Box a preference
* Try to fix problems with old or obscure versions of Firefox (as suffered by David B, Chuck and Sabrina)
* Any new problems uncovered by the fixes in 3.0.13

We are aiming for a Friday release (tomorrow).


I’m also going to do a little polishing on the Plus Account System website:
* Make it possible to change the account you use Plus with
* Make it possible to add a secondary personal email address to use Plus on


If I may add one more side note, I’m keen for everyone to understand why we’ve had a recent flurry of issues and why they’re unlikely to be such a problem in the future.

Previously, Gmail provided us with the inbuilt means to know when Gmail had loaded, when a user was viewing a thread list (e.g. the inbox) and when they were viewing a conversation — which is very critical to GTDInbox. About two weeks ago, this started to be removed, and all addons working with Gmail were forced to find an alternate solution. Together with Michael at Integrated Gmail, we worked on building a custom and elegant solution – and we found one. However, given it was both brand new and affected every part of GTDInbox, it’s had some teething problems. I believe those problems are now close to being fixed, and we are left with a new and stable core to GTDInbox that is unlikely to break in the future.


This was written by Andy Mitchell