Hi guys,

Just a quick update on the state of GTDInbox Plus Beta roll out…

Rolling out to Donators and the Waiting List

When Peyton previously announced that all invitations had been sent, he meant only people who had agreed to accept potential instability by being the first people into the system. We’re now ready to send the rest of the invites, so expect an email this week. We will start with donators and then move onto the Waiting List.

Updated GTDInbox Plus Tour

We just uploaded a quick and simple tour of the GTDInbox Plus features tohttp://www.gtdinbox.com/tourplus.html.

Account Management – Secondary (Personal) Accounts

On your account management page you can now add a secondary (personal) email address to use GTDInbox on. This means you can buy Plus for your work account, and also run it on your home account.

(You can also now change the email account GTDInbox Plus works on. This means you can migrate it to a different account, or if you accidently entered the wrong email address on sign up, you can easily correct it).

The Next GTDInbox Plus Feature

We are continuing to focus all our resources on fixing all the new errors reported by GTDInbox’s Error Warning System (although it might be a little irritating while it discovers previously unnoticed problems, it’s possibly the greatest step forward we’ve ever taken towards identifying and fixing problems little & large within GTDInbox – we are getting there!).

I hope work will begin on the next Plus feature at the end of this week, probably to be released early next week. Keep an eye on the blog!


This was written by Andy Mitchell