Get GTDInbox 3.0.17 now (It will appear automatically in Firefox in the next few days).

This is one of the biggest bug fixing updates we’ve ever done, and includes several big steps behind the scenes towards the Chrome port.

One of the major problems – it turns out after lots of digging – is that GTDInbox would not work when cookies are (partially) disabled in Firefox’s preferences. A huge thank you to Tom Brown for so diligently trying fixes and sending feedback to help solve this last week.

There’s lots more bug fixing besides. Most notably for Plus users, “Reply to Self” should now always appear (on conversations with many messages it would not always show – thanks to Michael Lebor for that report).

The GTDInbox Preferences screen has moved into Gmail (accessible from the sidebar). The reason for this is to make way for the Chrome port (i.e. to make preferences less Firefox specific). It’s not very pretty yet, but it is functional!

We’ve also done lots of work to increase performance – it should be noticeably faster.

I know the red Error Warning box has been an irritation for those of you who were suffering problems, but it really has enabled us to fix bugs faster than at any time in our history. We’re hopeful that we’re getting closer to a point where the red box will appear less and less (and we will keep going until that is ‘never’). Thank you so much for your patience with this.

(If, after installing 3.0.17, you still have any problems, do not hesitate to drop us an email –

We’re going to continue to fixing any problems that come up, but we’re also switching back to new feature development. Expect the next release later this week.


This was written by Andy Mitchell