Thanks to extensive support from Michael Lebor, we tracked down some more loading issues, as well as a some-time conflict with the RememberTheMilk addon.

I also had a little error of judgement in 3.0.18: it was all too keen to give you an irritating alert box if it completely failed to load. That has all been stopped now, and it won’t happen again 🙂

I think we’re getting close to all user’s having a normal experience with GTDInbox. The remaining issues seem to be conflicts with other Firefox addons. If it is still not loading for you, please drop an email to with the behaviour you are seeing, other addons & Gmail Labs settings you have, and any ideas on the cause (as well as keep submitting errors in GTDInbox when given the opportunity). I’ll then work with you to solve them (we’ll aim to work closely with just one person for each identified problem, so please don’t be hurt if it isn’t you! We will keep going until everyone’s GTDInbox is working great).

As usual, either wait for Firefox to auto update it, or download 3.0.19 from


This was written by Andy Mitchell