This is a fairly big update (with a very cool reason – more on that in a bit!).

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Thanks to Alex Gold’s feedback, we’ve fixed problems with Flock and the Preview Popup showing the wrong message on some search results.

With Erik’s feedback from the far reaches of Africa, we’ve increased the time permitted for Gmail to load before GTDInbox decides it has failed (i.e. it works better on slow connections).

And Jack Nelson provided invaluable feedback – and patience – for solving a bug with Delete+MoveNext in Plus.

Finally, Geoffrey gave us a tiny nugget of technical data that helped us solve a long standing problem with corrupt preferences preventing GTDInbox from loading. GTDInbox can now self diagnose and correct itself without any of us ever noticing!

Now, there is a reason why this is one of our biggest milestones in a long time… it runs great in Chrome! Details in the next blog post, coming right up!


This was written by Andy Mitchell