I’m so excited about this! It’s taken us far too long (we started the port in December!) due a myriad combination of legacy code, additional security controls in Chrome and, believe it or not, bugs in Chrome 🙂 But we’re here now.

And wow, is it fast. I thought it wouldn’t really be noticeable, but everything you click is just more assured. It feels instant.

Personally, I’m also thrilled that it should be more stable. (Disclaimer: only once teething glitches are dealt with – this is still very new code!). The major cause of remaining issues we have in Firefox are mostly related to clashes with other addons. Chrome does a wonderful job of protecting addons from each other, so there should be few, if any, conflicts. The result? It just works. Every time. (Double disclaimer: GTDInbox will still break occasionally as Gmail changes, but we’re committed to detecting and fixing those changes within 48 hours).

So how do you get it? Download gtdinbox_3-0-21-2.crx gtdinbox_3-0-21-3.crx gtdinbox_3-0-21-4.crx and open it in Chrome. There are no automatic updates yet, so you will have to watch the blog to keep up to date (this will only be a short term thing).

Update #1

As Murphy’s Law would have it, especially in light of the bold proclamation that the Chrome version will not collide with other addons, at the remaining possible point of collision, there is conflict! (For some users at least). Thanks to the feedback of Fred and Lalit below, I believe I know what the problem is, and I’ll get it fixed within the next couple of hours. Please watch Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/gtdinbox) for updates.

Update #2

I hope addresses the earlier problem with GTDInbox Chrome not loading… please download and install gtdinbox_3-0-21-3.crx

Update #3

With feedback from your error reports (especially to Dean, Marcel, Chris and Robert), and the help of Mike Crowe and our old friend Paul Thompson, we tracked it down to GTDInbox not working with Chrome 4.x (the ‘stable’ release). It works fine for those of you using 5.x. A special mention goes to Mike, whose patience during even the most interminably dull part of debugging, and brilliant flash of insight, was singularly responsible for getting it diagnosed and fixed. (As so often happens, 6 hours of debugging resulted in a fix that involved changing 9 characters of text!).

If GTDInbox has not worked for you yet on Chrome, please try gtdinbox_3-0-21-4.crx.

There are still glitches and issues to resolve, and we’ll continue to roll out small releases until a ‘proper’ release gets sent to the Chrome Gallery in a week or so!


This was written by Andy Mitchell