This is a bug fixing update, fixing a Gmail change that was making the sidebar disappear for some of you, ensuring the correct counts of ‘active items’ in the sidebar, and many more little bits and pieces.
Rob mentioned in a blog comment that we ought to have a dedicated communication channel for keeping everyone up to date on what we’re doing internally with development; and he’s absolutely correct. It feels excessive to use a blog post for such little updates, so Twitter would probably be the best format (but do let me know if the volume of updates becomes intrusive).
The next few updates look something like this:
1) Release another bug fixing update based on the feedback from (the most major problem I’m aware of is that, in Firefox, “Compose Self” freezes the text editor).
2) Create a new ‘action bar’ in conversations. I’m going to do a blog post on this imminently to discuss the proposed changes before we start development on them – but I do think it’s a strong improvement!

Hot on the heels of, I’ve sorted through the problems you’ve reported and got as many as possible fixed.

I’ve actually managed to go pretty deep on the hunt for problems (it ended up taking over the entire day), and uncovered some fairly long-standing and low level issues. I’m a little embarrassed it has taken this long to notice them – and I won’t bore you with the gory technical details – but I hope this has led to more stability in some exceptional circumstances as well as a small boost in speed! (I’ve also found & fixed the problem that made the text editor freeze in Firefox when you clicked Compose Self).

I strongly suggest you upgrade to as soon as possible.

Up next, a few more minor glitch fixes, and then back on with developing new features to add more control to your email.


For Firefox, please go to

For Chrome, please uninstall your current version of GTDInbox, then download and open (with Chrome)

If you haven’t heard about the new sidebar and deadline features in 3.0.22.x yet…
Please see the previous blog post,


This was written by Andy Mitchell