Thanks to everyone who reported the issues that appeared with

Delete+MoveNext (and Inbox Preview labeling) Stopped Working
This was a change with Gmail – the same change I thought we’d dealt with fully in – that was technically much more subtle and a little rare (it only appeared on one of our accounts). It’s now properly fixed.

Over Zealous Error Warning Box for Multiple Inbox Users

I personally believe that the error box is such a great addition – and has led to big leaps forward in stability over the last few months – but that isn’t to say I don’t also realise it can be irritating 🙂

Due to the trickiness of working over Gmail, we have to try and detect/predict when Gmail is changing. This is not a precise art, and we have to do a little guess work (technically, ‘heuristics’).

Naturally, that comes with a trade off (a little like a spam filter): if we are too rigorous, we risk triggering errors when there isn’t really a problem. And if we are too easy going, Gmail changes without us realising, causing errors to ripple elsewhere in GTDInbox that are harder to understand (and take longer to fix).

That’s a lot of explanation for what is a very simple fact! In the last release, I added some error detection that was over-sensitive for multiple inbox users and triggered lots of irritating – but ultimately harmless – error warnings. It’s now been scaled back.

Installing for Firefox

Please go to

Installing for Chrome

This is important – Chrome can have difficulties upgrading addons, so we suggest you close Gmail, uninstall the old GTDInbox, and then install the latest version.

To install, please download to your computer, and then open the file with Chrome (by dragging the file onto a Chrome window, and clicking ‘continue’ in the bottom left).


This was written by Andy Mitchell