Hi all,

This morning Gmail did a change that stopped us being able to count the number of active items (those with a Status or Deadline) in your account; as well as the Inbox Preview popup. I’ve just got it fixed (links below).

Just a quick word on what else is going on…

First, support emails. We’re juggling a little bit here, mostly because I’m constantly switching between development, customer support, feature design and the background business stuff. The important bit is I listen to everything we receive; but right now I’m prioritizing coding fixes and updates and then trying to respond when I get the opportunity — which means it can take a while (I go as fast as possible!). I do feel this frustration acutely. We’re focusing on getting the product to the point where the feature set has hit full usefulness to the work day, and we can bring in the revenue that will enable us to provide great support. We are getting there! (The one thing we always ensure is that if there’s a major Gmail change – as there was earlier today, we have an “all stop” where we drop everything to get it fixed and shipped).

Recently, Pete and I have been focused on a major update to GTDInbox: a website overhaul, some major new features, and the new name. This also includes a lot of the feedback you’ve provided us on the new Reviews sidebar, and the Dashboard/Popup. The next big blog post will preview what’s coming!

Installing for Firefox

Please go to http://www.gtdinbox.com/gettingstarted.htm

Installing for Chrome

This is important – Chrome can have difficulties upgrading addons, so we suggest you close Gmail, uninstall the old GTDInbox, and then install the latest version.

To install, please download http://www.gtdinbox.com/gtdinbox_3-0-22-11.crx to your computer, and then open the file with Chrome (by dragging the file onto a Chrome window, and clicking ‘continue’ in the bottom left).


This was written by Andy Mitchell