Hi guys,

ActiveInbox 3.1.010

I’ve just released ActiveInbox to handle some recent problems with ActiveInbox:

  • The Archive/Delete button is now working smoothly again, and able to move forward/back through your emails (caused by a Gmail tweak – thank you to everyone who reported it)
  • The #103 error that affected some users in Firefox has now been resolved (that was a real pain!)

I recommend everyone upgrades, and if you wait a day or two it will happen automatically (if you want it now, you can grab it from www.activeinboxhq.com/install.html).

Improved Help Guides & Tips

Over the last month a lot of energy has gone into the new website: http://www.activeinboxhq.com. Most usefully of all is the brand new ActiveInbox Workflow guide at http://www.activeinboxhq.com/better_gmail.html. (We still have some more tips to put in there, but it’s pretty much a “best of” of everything we’ve learnt about email in the last few years).

What’s next?

We are full steam ahead with product development! I want to put a proper road map up, but briefly:

  • Improve speed in Firefox (Chrome is whippet fast right now – I highly recommend it!)
  • Get the Status buttons back in horizontally, I know a lot of you miss that.
  • Generally increase efficiency in implementing the workflow. We have collated lots of feature requests and laid them out next to our own plans for features, and there’s so much to do – we love it! (We will move slowly though, as a huge part of what we’re trying to do is stay minimalist, to focus only on what really matters).

I always like the opportunity to say thank you, this time it is a thank you to everyone who is talking to us in email and on the Community Forum: your feedback is hugely valuable, and all getting synthesized into future improvements!


This was written by Andy Mitchell