Status Buttons Are Back!

When we originally removed the status buttons (Next/Action/Waiting On/Some Day) from the conversation view, it was because we hoped to make the interface slicker. We admit we may have been slightly off course with that one, as it quickly became obvious that the buttons were a very powerful visual indicator as to the state of the email (not to mention only a single click to operate!).

But nonetheless, we are committed to a very tidy interface. So we’ve compromised, kind of. It’s a compromise where we still believe the choices are limited to very good options!

You will now notice, on the Horizontal Action Bar (please note: if you reverted back to the ‘Classic Horizontal Action Bar’ in the Preferences, you need to disable that and re-enable the modern ‘Horizontal Action Bar’), there is a cog icon. If you click this, you can start re-arranging the Horizontal Action Bar to suit your needs. The most obvious of which is to “Show Status buttons”. Feel free to click things to experiment… they will change before your eyes and no lasting damage can be done 🙂

Previous Emails Is Refreshed

One feature we absolutely adored when we originally added it, but completely undersells itself, is “Previous Emails”: the ability, when you reply, to instantly see your conversation history with a person.

To make amends – which is to say, to make it more easy to use – we’ve updated the “Previous Emails” link to be bold if there are previous emails, and to actually show the number of previous emails. So now it’s very obvious to know that you at least HAVE a history with a person, without having to click anything 🙂

Background Bits & Bobs

We’ve taken care of 3 or 4 minor glitches in the background, that we picked up from the Community Forum. Thanks one & all!

Installing ActiveInbox 3.1.1

It will auto-update in a few days (as ever, Chrome is a little faster than Firefox), but you also can get it right now by going to the Install Page

Reverting to

Should 3.1.1, for whatever reason, not please you, you can go back to To do so, just download ActiveInbox for Firefox or ActiveInbox for Chrome to your computer, and then open the downloaded file with your browser to install it.


This was written by Andy Mitchell