Okay, so for anyone who hasn’t seen the announcement, Google have done something that is potentially very cool… a new feature called Priority Inbox (video and analysis in Freelance Advisor).

I don’t have it yet (which means I reserve judgement until I’ve tried it!), but it appears to be a very effective way of keeping important emails right in front of your eyes, based on the people you are closest too. (I’ve loved the idea of having a “team mate focus” button in Gmail for a while now… I’m hoping this will achieve that).

Does anyone who uses it have any thoughts on how it will work with ActiveInbox?

My hunch is that it’s like having another “Multiple Inbox” to create a Dashboard view of everything going on in your Gmail, but rather than helping you keep an eye on a specific Status label, it combines many actioned emails from important contacts.

Or perhaps it’s just a good way to ensure you don’t miss important emails as they enter your inbox. Something you could check on a more frequent cycle (e.g. if you empty your full inbox twice a day; you might check & process your Priority Inbox once an hour).

Perhaps there is a way to be smarter than that, and I’m all ears if you have one…


This was written by Andy Mitchell