With ActiveInbox 3.1.3 (oh so lucky for some!), Pete & I have tweaked and pulled almost every bit of the interface… even if it is just a pixel here and a pixel there, to make it look cleaner and more assertively ready to work for you.

In doing so, we also fixed up lots of little glitches, and implemented some of the requests from the Community Forum (for instance, if you click a Project label in the sidebar, it now shows ALL emails for that label as you’d expect! Until, that is, you click the circle…).

Firefox 4.0 support is here! That was a little harder than expected, as the Firefox guys kindly went and changed a lot of stuff behind-the-scenes, so we had to put on our particularly thick glasses to dig into it. All sorted now, and it’s catching up on Chrome for speed (come on Firefox guys!).

And finally for feature tweaks, we have improved Label Pinning. Not familiar with label pinning? It’s a great way to select ‘hot focus’ labels – for example, a project you’re currently working on. When you pin it (the faint pin icon next to the label in the Sidebar and dropdowns), it is attached the sidebar and is very easy to select in the dropdown box.

We’ve also had a big overhaul to the website, and next on the agenda is an update to the ActiveInbox Plus deadlining/calendaring features ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want to support ActiveInbox’s future AND get great new features to improve your performance in Gmail, buy ActiveInbox Plus (includes warm fuzzy feeling ๐Ÿ™‚ ).


This was written by Andy Mitchell