The Conversations Buttons Are Back

A Gmail change that affected some users in the last few days made the conversation buttons disappear, and now they’re back (thanks to for extended help!) 🙂

Whiz through your emails

We hooked up the performance tester and started poking, only to find a few critical things that definitely needed improvement. The biggest speed up is switching back/forward between conversations, so if you’re blasting through your inbox to get to zero, it should be a lot faster.

Get a happy feeling

We’ve spent a *lot* of energy making it much easier to understand, especially for all the new users who are joining in. Little touches, from the pin icons, to obvious things, like “Assign to Project” (rather than “Projects”) should require far less brain power to get on top of your email.

Wave goodbye to S/Finished, if you wish

S/Finished is no longer compulsory! Following all your feedback on an earlier blog post, if you create an S/Finished label ActiveInbox will use it; but if you delete the S/Finished label, clicking the ‘Finish’ button will just remove all Status labels (which makes the email invisible – and thus complete – to ActiveInbox).

Get Star Status

Thanks to several requests, you can now optionally make the Star a valid Status that ActiveInbox will track. This means you can, if you want to, drop S/Next. So, your default statuses can be S/Action, S/Waiting On and S/Some Day; with Star used for really urgent items. Or whatever configuration you like, but Star is now in your arsenal!

Sync Preferences Across Machines!

All Plus accounts should now remember your preferences on our servers, so when you log in on a new browser/computer, all your preferences are there. This is laying the foundations for more features 🙂

Are Deadline Labels Annoying You?!

We’ve banished them. They will not show up in IMAP, they will not clog up Gmail, and when your browsing search results, you’ll be able to see the due date right there in the thread list.

Firefox 4 Support

We’re trying to keep up with the new beta releases, but we’ve just added supported for FF4b7.

Quick Help Helpfully Hides

For Plus users, the Quick Help is no longer present. And I’ve shrunk the amount of space it takes for everyone else.

A Special Thanks 😀

Daniel Griffiths ( – Daniel does freelance web development & graphic design and really knows his stuff) did a wondrous job at patching up some of the issues we had in the last few weeks, providing better support than we’ve managed. We ought to have been faster, but I personally love it when the community springs into action like this 😀

And an Apology

We’ve been too quiet – in the forums and on Twitter – in the last month, while we’ve had our head in A4 pads preparing for a major new release, in code fixing up 3, making trips to the US to help our team grow and mainlining coffee behind our screens. We’re desperately trying to balance our time better as we grow. Like Daniel’s initiative, we will always welcome & be thankful for your help if you get involved in the community! (And never hesitate to drop me an email to let me know,

You can download it from


This was written by Andy Mitchell