Hot on the heels of Alpha 4… one of the biggies is “Notes”, which is mercifully self descriptive 🙂

The mockup from late last year is how I think it’ll look:

But… before I get cracking on building this, it would *really* help Pete & I to understand what *you* will use it for (excess emphasis alert – way too much coffee circulating right now!) 🙂

Here’s what I think I’ll use it for:

  • As the conversation gets longer (e.g. over several days/weeks), store – in one line – the current topic, so that next time you return you can instantly remember what’s going on. This would include any private thoughts you’ve had that will help guide future discussion to your goal.
  • Store the next actions you must do to complete the conversation (this really does transform the email into a task, in my opinion).
  • Link the email to wherever you’ve “escalated” it too. E.g. if you created a calendar event, link to that event. If you moved the contents into a wiki, link to the page. If you created a task in Basecamp, link to that. And so on.
  • Join to other emails that are relevant. In Gmail, each email has its own unique URL (in the address bar) that you could store in the Notes field (this may one day work as a dedicated feature, if it were useful).

So, thoughts please 🙂 What will you do with Notes & shall we go ahead and implement it??

(As ever, this is better in the comments rather than by email, so we can all discuss together)


This was written by Andy Mitchell