The Horizontal Action Box (HAB) appears in Active Results

This is a quite small announcement for a HUGE amount of work πŸ™‚

With Alpha 6, the HAB appears in the Active Results, allowing you to quickly change the status, deadline, project of active conversations to rapidly keep on top of it all.

The sundries that go with that – a count on the Active Results tab, getting Older/Newer links to work in conversation, Active Results working on general searches, and lots of little bug fixes are all included!

Pete Got His Paintbrush Out!

The much more fun news is that Pete has given Alpha 6 a lick of paint to lay the foundations for a masterwork of art (it’s not there yet… but precious steps have been taken!) πŸ˜‰

The ‘Notes’ field is much more useable, the sidebar is sharper, and the ‘Active Results’ are much easier to scan.

Dan also stepped up and insisted on rounded corners for the Active Result tab, and a prettier count on it – and he was absolutely correct to do so, so they’re in πŸ™‚

Fixing A Gmail Change

Ahh, the bain of ActiveInbox’s life… because we integrate so deeply into Gmail we really do suffer when Gmail changes. Over the years I’ve put in lots of fail safes and detectors for problems, which means we normally fix problems in under 24 hours, but even so, those 24 hours still need to be endured πŸ™ The good news is because ActiveInbox is mostly about clever labeling, you can always do that manually if you reaaaally have to… but yes, the fix is here!

(You’ll know if you suffered the problem because when you clicked Status/Deadline in the HAB, no label was added but the Labels dropdown appears).

Keep One Hand On Your Hats: Alpha 7 Due In 48 Hours

There are lots of little fixes I want to do rapidly, but I didn’t want to delay this release any longer (it’s already been more than a week since Alpha 5).

The next release will have lots of little glitch fixes (including some from Get Satisfaction), a bit of interface polish, the Active Result’s HAB will work on Projects, and for the techies in the audience I will get SSL set up for the server to bullet proof your notes.

Download Alpha 6

If you have Alpha 5, it will update automatically in the next day, but if you’re just joining us or want it right now (recommended), you can grab it from


This was written by Andy Mitchell