While the new features are ongoing, Alpha 8 is now at least as stable as V3 was – so it could feasibly be called Beta 1.

This is very much an ‘under the hood’ upgrade, with things like proper Firefox 4 support, double checks to ensure Chrome doesn’t have multiple installs of AIB and to properly clear out pinned labels when you delete or rename them.

And most importantly, ‘Notes’ now works in the Send & Archive popup HAB, and there is a HAB is in the new Projects view.

Cunningly, I also made AIB a little smarter about self-diagnosing any issues it has, so we can better work together to fix any issues that flare up!

You can download from www.activeinboxhq.com/install_v4.html

Behind the scenes… I’m working to improve how we handle support (it’s always a struggle to balance with new development, but it’s so important to me to get it right for you), get all functionality rock solid stable, encourage more V3 users to come join in and share their opinions as we develop, and of course – my absolute favourite bit to work on – keep refining the AIB workflow and features… so keep your requests and thoughts coming in the blog comments and Get Satisfaction and we shall discuss!

Update 14th March 2011

Hey all – a change to Gmail disrupted ActiveInbox more severely than normal this weekend, but it’s all fixed up. Grab from the normal V4 install page; or see the post at http://www.activeinboxhq.com/blog/2011/03/13/important-aib-update-to-fix-gmail-changes/



This was written by Andy Mitchell