Hey all!

It appears we’re in something of a snowstorm-esque flurry of Gmail tweaks and changes, a handful of which have quite severely disrupted ActiveInbox.

The latest one stops the HAB (Horizontal Action Box) appearing in the Conversation view, and this update fixes it.

It’s currently only affecting a handful of users… so if you update in time (Chrome will auto-update quickly, Firefox can take several days, so you may wish to do it manually), hopefully you’ll never even notice there was a problem!

(Oh, and a HUGE thank you to Neil Durrant, who was not only first to report the change… long before it even appeared in any of my test accounts, but submitted the error report that provided the information I needed to fix it. Help like this is truly wonderful!).

V3 users, you can grab the latest version from http://www.activeinboxhq.com/install.html
V4 users, you can grab the your update from http://www.activeinboxhq.com/install_v4.html

Staying Up To Date

When things like this happen, Twitter is where we make the mini announcements so you know changes are happening and we know about it. You can follow ActiveInbox to stay informed: www.twitter.com/activeinbox

ActiveInbox 4 is shaping up to be AMAZING!

But then I would say that πŸ™‚ We started coding (give or take Andy getting wiped out with flu) in late December ’10, and after a super intense 3 months, it’s now very close to launch.

However, you can get it RIGHT NOW!

What’s that you say, “do I smell another sales pitch?”, well yes, kind of… brace yourself πŸ˜‰

ActiveInbox is built entirely by Andy & Pete (Andy is full time), and we purposefully haven’t sought investment… we love being only beholden to you, our customers. And that means your support is what keeps the lights on, and keeps us working flat out to make ActiveInbox – and Gmail with it – a brilliant work-email experience.

So here’s the proposition: check out what ActiveInbox 4 can do, and if you like it, upgrade to ActiveInbox Plus to get AIB4 before the masses – right now if you wish! – and then get stuck in discussing with us what new features will get added or refined to make V4 as close to magical as something dry like business software can ever hope to be πŸ™‚


This was written by Andy Mitchell