WE DID IT! After nearly 5 months of intense sketching, hammering, painting and polishing – and the huge effort of help from Plus users – ActiveInbox 4 is ready to be used by everyone.

(But we’re not finished yet! There’s still TONS of stuff we can do to improve email. More on that in the coming weeks 🙂 ).

ActiveInbox 4

It’s nearly a complete rewrite, that’s easier to use, prettier and a lot more powerful (oh and stable!). It includes deadlines, conversation notes, project views and brand new ways to slice & dice your inbox.

But, don’t take my word for it 😉 Check out the…

Fresh New Website: www.activeinboxhq.com

Pete & I are pretty proud of the new website. We’ve finally got something that’s really really simple and straightforward. As well as doing a better job of introducing people to what ActiveInbox is (and where users are concerned, the more the merrier – welcome aboard if you’re reading this!); the Quick Guide is much better at explaining, quickly, how to use it.

Try Plus For Free!

This is hugely overdue, but for the first time ever, we now include a 2 week free trial so everyone can experience ActiveInbox Plus. (“2 week free trial” sounds a little salesy… perhaps it needs to be, but the other truth is we’re just really proud of it, so lets get more people using it!).

How do you start the trial? In the ActiveInbox sidebar, in the About box, just click “Try Plus” and then enter your name and choose a password.

And after the trial is over, there’s nothing to do – ActiveInbox just returns to normal (free for life). Unless you want to support our ongoing development, in which case, go Plus 🙂

We’re Listening 🙂

First a word of warning: when you update from V3 to V4 on Chrome, you must close your current Gmail tab and open a new one. Why? If you don’t, all the buttons will look like a garbled mess (it’s because Chrome caches everything in the tab, so you end up mishmashing V3’s and V4’s ui).

And if you experience any bugs or need our help, there’s the new Support page, and we’re hanging out on the forum.

Getting It

Shoot over to the new website or just jump straight into the Install page.


This was written by Andy Mitchell