ActiveInbox whoooshes!

A few of you let me know ActiveInbox was being sluggish and affecting Gmail & your Firefox; so I hooked it up to a wind tunnel (ok, the performance monitor) and tried to figure out where the major issues were.


  • Send & Archive labels/sends instantly (it sometimes took up to 4 seconds)
  • Loading the inbox is back to its normal quick speed

(A huge thank you to MC for his incredible efforts with helping me diagnose the speed issues).

ActiveInbox is more discreet

The other big thing I’ve been hearing is that ActiveInbox has too many popups / alerts.

Historically, this is the culmination of trying very hard to make sure it updates really quickly so it never breaks for long after a Gmail change – but we may have gone too far into irritation territory 🙂


  • When there is a new version of ActiveInbox available, there is a neat & tidy green ‘up’ arrow on the About box that is a quick link for updating.
  • On any given machine or account, you will never see the Welcome screen or Help-Tour popups more than once.

We defeated some nasty gremlins too!

In some rare – but important – circumstances, the Preference syncing for Plus users had a logical fail. This was most noticeable if you removed a Label Type (e.g. “Projects”) on one computer, logged in on another computer, and the Label Type would return. This is now fixed!

For some people, for reasons I still don’t fully understand, the pre-labeling (labeling as you compose) didn’t work. So I totally rewrote it to be a lot more robust; less likely to fail; and if it DOES fail it will let you know – so at least you can always trust that you know what’s happening.


Chrome should auto-update very quickly, Firefox will auto-update in a few days; and if you want it right now just pop over to the Install Page.


This was written by Andy Mitchell