Hi all,

Lisa is currently doing a tremendous job getting in touch with everyone and helping me prioritise what gets done.

But I’m only just getting up to speed… I’m just about back on top now. In the coming weeks & months I’ll be going as fast as possible to make amends to all.

I’ve just fixed the “Move Nexter” buttons (next to Archive/Finish/etc.), so they will be ready to swiftly glide through your email again.
(It will auto-update in the next few hours in Chrome; in the next few days in Firefox – but you can grab it immediately from www.activeinboxhq.com/install.php).

From first thing next week, I will:
* Work with Pete to start fitting into Gmail’s new theme
* Get ActiveInbox working more neatly with Gmail’s new types of Inbox (e.g. “Important”, “Priority”, etc.).
* Continue to address any other smaller issues getting reported on the forum
* Get started with the big new developments

See you next week!

Update 17/07/2011:


This was written by Andy Mitchell