In the very early hours of yesterday I released, which was just a very quick response to people having trouble with Send & Archive not showing projects.

There was a tremendously tip top suggestion in the comments to include a video detailing what’s changed with each new release, and I’ve added a note to my deployment process to always include either a video or screenshot if there’s a worthwhile improvement ( probably wouldn’t have though, as it was just a simple bug fix).

Lisa & I are flying through support requests, and I’m hunting for problems to deal with and fix. As I go, I’m also trying to absorb the essence of the workflow improvements you’re requesting to synthesise them into product plans (picking up where May’s blog posts left off).

Tomorrow – Thursday – Andrea & I will be returning to building the brand new stability system to insulate ActiveInbox from the perilous shifting sands of Gmail. I’m nervous about that release, as it’s so huge, so it probably won’t appear until next week.

More soon!


This was written by Andy Mitchell