In response to a lot of the feedback coming to Lisa via email and Get Satisfaction, I’ve tidied up some less-urgent-but-still-very-irritating issues.

For those of you who are curious about the guts & schematics of what was fixed:

  • It seems some people’s Gmail dates the sending of emails differently to the actual time (it rounds it to the nearest minute), so pre-labeling was failing for them (AIB checks the date to make sure the email it labels has only just been sent). This is less sensitive now, so no more warnings about “The email you just sent could not be labeled”.
  • When you viewed an email from the ‘Active Results’ tab (including Top Priority and To Do items), the move next/back buttons were sending you back to the results page, rather than the next conversation. This is now fixed.
  • Send & Archive occasionally complained that you had not saved the draft, even though the proper email was sent. It will no longer alarm people with this message!

I deployed this on Friday, so everyone should have auto-updated by now!


This was written by Andy Mitchell