So this is both a minor announcement and a giant feeling of relief!

The minor announcement is that, thanks to Jonathan, Wesley, Mark and everyone else who mentioned it this morning, I’ve been able to fix up a Gmail change that made the HAB disappear in conversations.

The giant rush of relief is that this is the first true test of the brand new instant-update system I’ve been building. For the first time in our history, it means that even if you don’t go and upgrade to, then just by refreshing Gmail you should notice that the HAB instantly starts working again!!

In the grand scheme of things, this has paved the way for seamless fixes: a few hours of downtime while we detect and fix the problem, then a reload of Gmail and all is sorted 🙂 *

* Quick disclaimer, it’ll help in (my arbitrarily chosen figure of) 80% of problems. It’s still possible the problem will be deeper than the instant-fix system can handle and we’ll need to do a proper update. When that happens, all the regular update reminders are still in place. Just so you know!


This was written by Andy Mitchell