We’ve just released an update to deal with the ‘Delete+Move Next’ bug that a few of you have reported. If you’re suffering, update straightaway (especially if you use Firefox, as that doesn’t auto-update quickly).

Thanks to Jonathan Baumgarten for being our tester, your help was well appreciated.

Should we change the Archive Move Next Button?

I’ve been talking to Andy about the function of the arrows on the Action & Move buttons.

At the moment the way the archive/next/delete works is that you see the text but you have to click on the arrow to advance. If you click the text then it takes you back to the inbox.

For me personally I find it all a bit fiddly and I’ve said to Andy I’d be more inclined to click either just the text to do what I want or anywhere in that area and expect it to work.

I’m looking for some feedback from you as to what you think?

  • Are you happy with the way it is now – clicking only on the arrow to advance?
  • Would you prefer it if there was one clickable button and having a choice in which direction you want the mails to auto advance in the preferences? This would avoid having to click on the tiny arrow?

Let me know what you think.

P.S. I hope you all notice we practice what we preach here – an inbox with only 5 items and one of those was a test email!



This was written by Andy Mitchell