Just a quick status update… ActiveInbox is partly broken in Gmail’s new look (which is very cool by the way!).

I’ve just got my hands on it, but it’s nearly 10pm here in the UK. I’m aiming to have something ready tomorrow to work with it.

In the meantime, you can tell Gmail to “Temporarily Revert To the Old Look”, by clicking the cog icon near the top right of the messages… and after doing this, you can switch forward again to the New Look. You might want to revert just to keep AIB working.

Just to brace you all, one of the big changes we’ve been planning is in production and will be released as part of this: the sidebar will become a “top bar” (just below the black Google bar). As well as being a lot cleaner (reducing ActiveInbox almost to just a Review Bar and a Horizontal Action Bar); it gives us more ways to deliver timely reminders for staying on top of email!


This was written by Andy Mitchell