Hi all,

Is it still Thursday in America? I fear I may have overshot by about 11 minutes!

Today was another manic day, and we’re nowhere near finished… so consider this an “incomplete sneak preview” of what is developing, that will also enable you to use ActiveInbox on new look Gmail 🙂

It’s aimed at people who are comfortable with beta software and can handle visual glitches and maybe a bug or two. If that’s you, you can download it from http://activeinboxhq.com/install_nlg.php. (See? I’ve even used a geeky link… that’s how techy this release is!).

I’m hoping to get the proper release ready for Tuesday 8th November, which will complete the visual changes and start us rolling, with regular beta previews for our community, towards ActiveInbox 5…


This was written by Andy Mitchell