Thank you to everyone who helped over the last week. Your input has made the difference between something functional and something awesome (and I still have a lot more of it to process!).

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to New Look Gmail (or you have and have been wondering where your ActiveInbox Sidebar went), this is an equally big update of ActiveInbox that’s all ready to go to work!

You can grab it right now from the Install Page, or it will auto update in your browser soon.

To catch up on the discussion so far:

Support Emails

Lisa is going to be getting in touch with all of you in email and on the forum by morning – expect to hear from her very soon.

Up next…

I won’t be slowing down… there is work to be done on conserving vertical space, making the Action Bar work in the Inbox and Search Results and lots of smaller tweaks based on your feedback. I’m aiming for a significant release every week or so.


This was written by Andy Mitchell