We’re still doing crazily intense release cycles, but as they say, “if you want something done, ask a busy person”… I’m thrilled with what we’re producing at the moment: even if I were the last person using ActiveInbox I’d still be delighted to be doing this (but thankfully I’m only one of a great many of us!).

There are still a few rough edges, but nothing unpleasant and I’d rather get something into your hands asap. So…

The New Action Bar: Shiny Like An Arrow

Pete has done a stunning job on this redesign, incorporating a lot of influence from Gmail’s new environment and combining it with all your feedback.

Of notable utility, the Move-Nexter buttons are fixed in place. That means when you clear out your inbox, you can always expect your mouse to be over the buttons ready to process the next conversation.

Oh, and it only takes one line! The Notes row is now optional, and because the buttons are smaller, it’s less likely to wrap onto a second line.

And have you noticed, ActiveInbox is now very close to being just a slimline Review Bar and Action Bar? I LOVE how lightweight it’s becoming!

Review Bar Pins Your Most Important Labels

There was much discussion on this last week, and I don’t think we’ve heard the last yet: but for now, you can pin any label in ActiveInbox, and it’ll appear at the top of its dropdown for easy access.

The ‘Support’ Tab Keeps You Up To Date

The Support dropdown now monitors our servers ever few hours for news and updates, and – without interrupting you – lets you know what’s happening.

A Few Gmail Changes Have Been Swept Away

The Action Bar now appears in the Compose view again; and Status buttons will not go missing again.

Known Issues

Ah yes, we’re not completely through the woods yet.

  • Send & Archive has been temporarily closed for refurbishment
  • Previous Emails continues to be a bit out of place
  • No relief for vertical space usage just yet
  • The Active Results still need to increase their usability

If you want to just upgrade, go to http://www.activeinboxhq.com/install_nlg.php. Two things to be aware of:
1) We’re not pushing this by auto-update just yet (we will do in a few hours).
2) You will need to close your Gmail tab and open a new tab after upgrading; and if there are still visual glitches, clear out your browser cache and restart it.


This was written by Andy Mitchell