This is a quick collection of bug fixes that you reported over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who wrote in.

The ToDo Pinning Problem

The Review Bar now pins ToDo items and always remembers them (and you can edit them by clicking the ‘To Do’ dropdown, then clicking the green pin icon).

The Plus icon no longer obscures the star on Firefox

Some people thought we were trying to restrict the starring facility on Gmail for ActiveInbox Plus… It was absolutely an honest mistake! Something in the Firefox renderer caused the “Reply to Self” Plus icon to appear over the Gmail star in conversations. Now fixed.

Notes dropdown is always visible

The Notes dropdown will no longer appear off the screen.

Statuses and Deadlines Update Instantly

A Gmail change meant that applying Status and Deadline items was taking longer than usual: now fixed (and rolled out even to older versions of ActiveInbox).

Previous Emails can be read in conversations

I fixed a bug that stopped the previous conversation from popping-up when clicked in ‘Previous Emails’ in the reply box.

Firefox 10 Compatible

As Firefox continues to update at a terrifying pace, we now support up to version 10.

It will auto-update, but you can download from


This was written by Andy Mitchell