We’ve just upgraded our server (to prepare for an exciting new feature), and it didn’t go as smoothly as anticipated: there should have been no downtime; but we lost most of the early hours of Saturday morning.

We’ve just got it fixed, so if you refresh Gmail (or if necessary, re-register Plus on your computer by clicking “Register…” in the top right corner of the Review Bar), everything will be running smoothly.

I also quietly released to auto-update yesterday, to:
* Work with the new Gmail header redesign
* Fix bug stopping archive in Send & Archive on some accounts
* Introduce “All To Dos” as an option in the To Do dropdown on the Reviews Bar
* I brought back the miscellaneous ‘Labels’ dropdown for the HAB, that many of you requested!

Now to go menacingly threaten the server with a hammer and the wild eyed look of a man on the edge 😉


This was written by Andy Mitchell