I had a New Year’s Resolution that I would stop working crazy late nights… which has lasted less than time than it took to celebrate Christmas itself (and is about on par with all other New Year’s Resolutions!).

Please forgive any terseness in this post, I’m seeing in the early hours of a new day and I’m experiencing that distinctive creative block you get when your brain starts behaving like a petulant toddler who’ll do nothing until you put him to bed. I will try and add screenshots tomorrow.

But I REALLY wanted to get this live and share the tasty morsels of goodness within:

Active Results Simplified (and given sorting)

The Active Results have been cleaned up (including removing that irritating line that stopped you clicking Compose), so that it’s a lot easier to focus on the actual email results. The old, restrictive hierarchy of results has gone away, to be replaced by an intuitive and flexible combination of “Group By” and “Sort By”.

Review Bar opens straight into Active Results

This feels like a really clean interaction and brings an end to a lot of confused emails I receive (I hope!). Now when you click any link on the Review Bar, the Active Results view is the one and only choice. (Note you can change this Preference back to Gmail Results).

Pin Projects to the actual Review Bar

Another much requested one, there is now a checkbox in the Projects (and other label types) dropdown to “Put pinned items on the Review Bar”. This means they really are ever-present and ready to be viewed.

Bug Fixes

4.0.4.x so far has been a preview release – as is this one – and you have been kind enough to report some issues.

The most hair raising one was the people for whom Today/Overdue links disappeared (and had other weird behaviour connected to that), which I *hope* is fixed, but I don’t experience it so I’m working blind. Thanks especially to Blake & Jason for giving me details. Let me know if it still gives you trouble!


As it is still a preview release, I haven’t made it auto-update. You can install it from http://activeinboxhq.com/install_preview.php

Please let me know what you think of the updates in the comments…


This was written by Andy Mitchell