This is just a little bug fixing release based on everyone’s feedback, thank you so much for all your help!

Fixed A Major Issue With Migrating Deadline Labels

So, some of you could not migrate your labels (the migrate button did nothing), and some of you found ActiveInbox was giving you 0 active results after migration.

It transpires the problem was the same in both cases, and something I’d completely failed to foresee (which is why we do preview releases!).

I won’t bore you with the geeky details, but essentially it was caused by “too many” deadline labels.

The good news is I’ve fixed and so thankfully, there’s no longer an issue with “too many” deadline labels! Everything should be fine now.

Remember Group By and Sort By For Each Type Of Result

Your choice of Group By and Sort By is now saved for Statuses, Deadlines, Projects and your other label types.

So for example, you can organise Statuses by Project, and organise Projects by Deadlines.

Overdue Items Are Included in Today

This might be controversial? Let me know in the comments if you disagree!

Installing It

You can get from


This was written by Andy Mitchell