It seems that wasn’t the utopian release I hoped it was. Thanks to Trent, Jason, Mark, Cliff, Ian, Brad, Michael and everyone else who patiently emailed in details, I think we’ve got a lot more stability (touch wood!).

* Including Overdue in Today is now a preference
* Some people were not seeing the HAB work correctly in conversations, which should now be fixed
* The ‘kilometre wide Gmail conversations’ bug has been fixed
* You can now pin sub-folder labels to the Review Bar (and search Active Results properly)
* People with dark themes can now see Notes and warning messages more easily
* ‘old’ no longer appears in Group By and Sort By

What’s that Skippy? You want to easily export emails to GCal?

This has been a much-request feature on Get Satisfaction for aaages, and we’ve now got it!

You’ll see a new icon on the Horizontal Action Bar for exporting an email to GCal. It’ll create a new event, and then back in Gmail, try to detect a link to that event and add it to your Notes. So, the email links to the GCal event, and the GCal event links back to the email.

Mark (who lead development on it) & I would love to hear about the usability of it in the comments please šŸ™‚


Just pop over to and install as normal!


This was written by Andy Mitchell